ETE 2017

Given the success with which the M.U.R. project in the city centre has met since the summer of 2016, Costik is looking to repeat the acclaim garnered at rue Baron Horta in association with BOZAR. The M.U.R. Brussels #BOZAR enables artist collectives to paint the 45 metres of canvas that cover the construction site right across from the BOZAR’s main entrance, in the awareness that their work will stand the test of time.


For the second session, the M.U.R. Brussels presented a collective composition, which brought together the worlds of 3 different yet complementary artists: Belgians Pso Man and Solo Cink, as well as the Dutchman who works under the pseudonym Enigma Geometricks


Globetrotting artist Psoman immerses us in a weird and wonderful world inspired by the vicissitudes of his numerous travels around the world. Endlessly trading on the representation of evocative creatures in motion, his work moves between destructured shapes and minimalist features. The born and bred Liége resident ushers us with verve into an experimental world where imagination and poetry go hand in hand …

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As an artist with a background in graffiti, Solo Cink discovered the art of calligraphy whilst travelling. Nowadays, he is seen to create a geometrical body of work that is steeped in history, filled with symbolism and all things sacred. In a kind of organised chaos, he revisits the letter by creating a succession of shapes and contours with a balanced flow. Never abstract, his output is invariably fraught with meaning.


Damian de Jong, aka ENIGMA GEOMETRICKS, presents himself as a multidisciplinary visual artist. Moving on from graffiti to tattooing, he creates very personal mandalas and other geometrical figures. Somewhere between repetition and symmetry, the Dutchman creates urban works of art that are as unusual as they are original.