About This Project



“My first attempts at wielding the spray can go back to the late 1980s. I and a few friends were heavily into skating and we would swap magazines… While the others practised tricks, I was transfixed by the colourful visuals painted inside the bowls and around the skate parks, the logos of brands and the designs seen on the skateboards. I learned more from reading ‘Transworld Skateboarding’ than I did attending school. I didn’t know the first thing about graffiti and I didn’t know a single person who was actually doing it. But without knowing, I was looking at work by the likes of Zephyr, Revolt and Haze, on CD sleeves or skating merchandising.


Once your interest has been piqued and you start looking out for it, you realise that other people around you share the same taste for adventure and dripping paint. Even if you don’t know them, what they do has an influence on what you do and emulation is one of the strong points of graffiti…


Since then, all I’ve been doing is creating variations of this bedrock in my work. Filching characters, motifs, lettering, hand styles, typographies, etc. I enjoy mixing everything up, whilst trying to retain the energy and the spontaneity you get when you find something you’re really passionate about. ICS & KSA get all my love…”   Text by ELNINO76